Save Your Mobile Data With This App

* This app can curb selected Apps from using your mobile data.

* With This app you can get/measure exact data consumed by each app (Yeah like "a data calculator")

* With guest mode, you can set data limit for your guest or friend.

So if you are looking for a mobile data saving app.

Or App that can stop / curb apps from consuming data.

Or An app that can restrict or reduce the amount of data your guest (friends & families) can use when using your phone?

You are welcome to this lovely post......








Developed by Google, this app is saddled with the responsibility of (you know?) saving you from wasting mobile data unknowingly.

With this app you block every app that you don't want to use your mobile data, be it Facebook, Google Map, Youtube, any app, Just think of it, you can block it.

You should have known that some apps works in background and consume your mobile data (which some used to send "push notifications").

All these are stop-able now with DATALLY.

This app is really cool and does work well.

No ads, no disturbance.....


Once again this app I brought for you really performs well, and you should be sure considering the fact that GOOGLE  made it.

I have tested and confirm its features.

So now let's go to its features.


1. Manage Data

2. Daily Limit

3. Bubble Tracker

4. Unused Apps

5. Guest Mode

6. Find Wi-Fi



Let's start with "Manage Data".

It is simply what you think, "Managing Data".

But practically, we are offered more inside.

The Manage Data tab lead to a page where you can lock and unlock apps from using your mobile data.

Note: You will have to toggle on DATALLY to make the lock icon visible.

It classifies app (at least on my phone) into three sections.

The first section is the "RECENT DATA USAGE" section, which represents apps that has recently used your data.

And you can click on the padlock  to lock it from using your mobile data.

The second section is, "OTHER APPS USING DATA" section, this section contains other apps which are installed on your phone and are equally sapping your data.

While the third section is, "APP WITH LOW USAGE" section, this is where you find apps that you have used for long while.

The Manage Data environment also provides statistical data for your mobile data usage.

It can give you statistical details of your mobile data usage.

Just like below:


This is another tool worth testing on this awesome "not space hungry" app called DATALLY.

In this environment, you can setup the daily maximum amount of data you want to use.

If you are dedicated and committed this could help you plan your data life.

And I add more kudos to this app for this..

How To Set It Up:

1. Click on the Daily Limit button.

2. On the next page, set the amount (either in MB or GB)

3. Then you will be taken to the notification page. Where you can  get how much of data you have used and how much is left.

What If You Exhaust The Limit?

4. If you exhaust the limit you set, the app won't stop you from browsing (not like guest mode which I will explain later below).

5. You might experience that your data isn't functioning properly.

You will  be notified with a popup like this:

You can either decide to turn off data limit or you turn off data for that day.

Good, right?

But, will you really (personally) press the "Turn Off Data For The Day" button or you just off the data limit.

Let me know if you are like me in the comment section below, by sharing your own opinion.


Yeah, we are here....

Another cool feature of this app.

The function of the "Bubble Tracker" is really interesting and some people might find it hard not to use - which you maybe part-.

The Bubble Tracker button is a button that display simultaneously with the app you are using (like the Facebook messenger Head chat).

Note: In the picture shown here, the bubble tracker have been dragged to the middle to show the "Drag Here to dismiss"  section at the bottom of the picture which you can drag the bubble into like the Messenger head chat. 

This allow you to see the amount of data been consumed by that app.

And in ocassions where the app you are using have consumed enough data / more than what you want it to.

There is a lock icon in the Bubble Tracker floating button.

You can press the button to block the app's data usage.

I think this is really cool, it immediately save you data, especially when you are watching movies on YouTube.

Now you don't have to swipe down the notification bar to off your mobile data (which will affect all other apps), its just by your side, and it does affect only that app.


As the name implies, this button leads to an environment which lists apps which you have used some days/weeks/months ago, so that you could easily uninstall them.


What does this mean?

You might be thinking...

Yeah its talking about your guests..

Have you ever think you could really have the ability to set data limits for your friend, family and others requesting to use your mobile data?

Now you've got it with DATALLY.

Clicking the "Guest Mode" button takes you to a page where you set the amount of data (either in MB or GB) you want your guest to use.

You can set password for it in case of those guest that are "stubborn", by ticking the include password box.

They would need your password to on it back.

Once you set it.

Then the data starts counting (Like the demo I used, I set 10mb)

And once the limit is reached it blocks data usage.


Note: I don't use this because connecting with Wi-Fi is very dangerous due to the fact that its prone to hacking.

That said.

For the benefit of this post, I have tried this button and with the short interaction I had with it.

It seems promising.

So when you click the button, you find two options down: Nearby and Explore.

Explore shows the Wi-Fi around and show you signals.

while the Nearby shows you signals of Wi-Fi close to you (around 5km) from you and more info. E.g how to get there.


This mobile data saving app by google is with no doubt promising and recommendable for everyone.

It consumes low data to download and install.

No unnecessary bloat ware or Ads.

It as simple and cool user interface.


Click Here To Download (Google Play Store)

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