Samsung Mistakenly Leaked Galaxy Note 9 On Its Website: Check Out The Design and Specs

• Hard to ignore leak of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is out.

• Samsung's website have (probably) mistakenly (but also possibly intentionally) leaked out the upcoming smartphone device on its website.

• The Design say something about this report (leak) have made earlier.

• Samsung have brought down the image but is captured by Evleaks and CNET also confirmed some parts of the details + plus some other outlet  too before it was shut down.

How do Samsung Galaxy Note 9 look like? Or you are Just wondering about the Specs of Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Fortunately my post have got you covered...

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• Intro

• The Leak in Details

• Specs Revealed From The Leak

• Conclusion


If you do remember, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leak I wrote about last month.

If you do, you would notice that the leak was highly significantly (if not perfectly) right with  this appearance.

And if you didn't believe the spec before, hope you will believe this - cus its hard to ignore.

Details of The Leak

Having said that, let's go to the details of this Significant leak - are you ready?.

@Evleaks (twitter username), a notable phone leaker, revealed the leak.

He posted the screenshot of the look of the Galaxy Note 9 from their website on his twitter account.

After that, I found CNET also confirmed it (thou not all but) the Flagship's name - Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

This leak was revealed just days to the actual launch date (August 9) of the Samsung's flagship smartphone.

Things are already leaky...

Another thing worth noting is that Samsung opened the gate for reservation of the the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 without officially releasing the specs of the flagship.

It that Owk?

Assuming you have the money, are you gonna try it?

Specs Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 From This Leak

And to the main part of this discussion - The Specs.

In a video released by the company's New Zealand YouTube Channel (but was later taken down) one could notice the "Powerful All Day Battery".

And according to this phrase in the video, one could expect a ramped up battery.

Based upon unconfirmed rumour the battery juice is speculated to be up to 4,000 mAh.

Another part is the head phone jack.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, spot a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is gonna enable owners to use a wired earpiece or headphone with it.

And for the pen (the stylus pen I mean), the Samsung's flagship also boost of " Yellow S Pen Stylus at its back ".

And talking about the storage, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is packed with 1 Terabyte Ready Storage (512GB inner storage + 512GB SD Card slot).


Actually I have nothing much to say....

But I must split it out, to me the storage potentials is really a selling point.

Or what do you think?....

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