Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Specs and Reviews

• Samsung has released its latest flagship, the Galaxy Note 9.

• The S-Pen blessed smartphone was launched on 9th August and expected to be in market by the end of this month.

•  The Galaxy Note 9 smartphone landed with stronger battery juice, and upgraded S-pen Stylus.

Are you wondering about:

• The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Smartphone?. 

• How much Space the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has?

• Specs Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

• Features of its upgraded S-pen

Fortunately my post got you covered.

Galaxy Note9, Galaxy Specs


1. Intro of The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

2. Specs of The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

3. Review of The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

4. Conclusion on The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Intro of The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy Note 9 which witnessed lots of leaks before it (even weeks) was finally released is the Successor of the Galaxy Note 8.

The Galaxy Note 9 was hyped by fans and its leaks were highly written about by bloggers and writers alike.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was launched in Brooklyn, New York on the 9th of August.

There are handful of appreciated upgraded features like the battery juice (power), S-Pen, Storage and others which I will list and explain in the review section.

For gamers (like my friend Abdulsamad): Although this might not be a gaming smartphone but it could give you a satisfying experience with its "capable" features.

And to the specs.......

Specs of The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Here you go:


Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 5
IP rating: IP68


2G: Yes

3G: Yes

4G: Yes


OS: Android Oreo 8.1

AI: Bixby Virtual Assistant

SoC: Exynos 9810 / Snapdragon 845

Cores: Octa-Core

GPU: Mali-G72 MP18 / Adreno 630

(Variant reason explained in the review section)


Rear: Dual Camera, 12MP (both), f/1.5-2.4 / f/2.4

Front: 8MP, f/1.7


Internal Storage: 128GB / 512GB

RAM: 6GB / 8GB

Sd Card: Yes, up to 512GB


4000mAh Li-Ion non-removeable battery.


Irish Scanner: Yes

Bluetooth Integrated S-pen Stylus

Fingerprint: Yes (Rear Mounted)

Fast Charging: Yes (Quick Charge 2.0)

Review of The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note9 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 houses both new and updated features.

Going by the view (body) impression, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 design boast of an attractive look, thou, it might not be much different from the Note 8.

But Samsung kept the look because it feels its still right for market - and frankly (to me) it sells -.

The design would likely receive a thumbs up - from me -.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - IP RATING

And with the IP rating of 68, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 proves to be water resistance to a significant level, which makes accidental water splashing or rain fall less risky and reduce panic :).

So aren't you gonna try this flagship?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Network Mode

And of course as you won't have expect less, Note 9 is a hood which supports the fastest network mode (presently thou), the 4G.

And depending on the overall performance of the ISP (Internet Service Provider) sometimes you could get seamless navigation of web pages.

Waoooh that did be awesome. - right? -.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - OS

And on the OS, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features the Android Oreo (8.1) version, thou Android Pie (9.0) was launched before the Galaxy Note.

It would have been impossible for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to feature it within such period interval of just 3 days - my thoughts thou.

But I hope the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users can upgrade to it (Android Pie) on their own.

And before then, Note 9 would be lacking some interesting UI (User Interface) and Update security patches the Android Pie broughts.

Talking about Samsung's Bixby Virtual Assistant.

For those hearing this for the first time, Bixby is Samsung's own Artificial Intelligence assistant (Yeah, like the Google assistant).

Samsung also integrates its own assistant into the phone (this does not chase Google assistant away) which makes you get double Artificial Intelligence assistant on that Smartphone.

But the Bixby was reported to under perform which makes the ability to turn it off more satisfying.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - SoC:

Over to the SoC my brother & sister, you would notice there are two variants there, one in USA and China's market while the second find its way into the EMEA's (Europe, Middle East and Africa) market.

The Exynos 9810 an Octa-cores brand is Samsung's personal brand, with 4 of 2.7 GHz Mongoose M3 processor & 4 of 1.8 GHz Cortex-A55 processor.

Exynos 9810 is Samsung's equivalent to Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (which both are high-end). More info on Samsung's chipsets can be found here.

Qualcomm Snapdragon is also an Octa-cores brand featuring Octa-cores with 4 pieces of 2.8 GHz Kryo 385 Gold & 4 pieces 1.7 GHz Kryo 385 Silver processor.

Exynos is for EMEA while Qualcomm Snapdragon is for USA and China.

Moving to the GPU (Graphics Processing Units), shows that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features Mali-G72 MP18 for EMEA's market and Adreno 630 for the USA and China's market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - CAMERA Review


Sliding off to the camera zone, you would notice Dual camera lenses (both living on the 12MP power) at the back of the smartphone and just one at the front.

Talking about the rear camera systems first, unveils the camera with streachable aperture.

The primary camera lens at the back (rear) of the smartphone supports the ability to increase and decrease its aperture from 1.5 to 2.4 (vice versa).

The aperture will increase (in performance) to f/1.5 while in unfavorable conditions (like dark environs) inoder to allow more light into the camera lens and give out best possible picture and aslo decrease back to f/2.4 in favourable conditions.

And for the second rear camera lens, it got a static aperture of f/2.4.

While on the front camera.

It got a camera lens with 8MP and a static f/1.7 aperture.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Storage Review:

What powers what?

Here comes the selling point of the flagship.

How does it feel to have 1 terabyte of space in your pocket?

Awesome right?

No need to delete important apps for upcoming one and seriously, this is gonna be a good phone for gamers.

This might not be a game dedicated smartphone but it has got handful of features to make games play seamlessly on it.

What about we dive in to the storage part together.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features an internal storage of 512GB (with another variant of 128GB).

Coupled with the capability to house  up to 512GB of external SD card gives you the ability to have 1 terabyte of space in you hand (if you buy the 512GB variant).

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - RAM review

In here there are also double variant of RAM.

You might find a 8GB RAM variant and a 6GB RAM variant.

Either way, both could perform well.

And could multitask sweetly...

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Battery Review:

You want it, now you get it....

More battery more power....

This is another features which has managed to garner people's interest.

When you have that big storage and RAM, the next is to have the ability to stay on longer.

The phone boast of 4,000 mAh battery juice (power).

Powerful enough to run for satisfying time.

And also, with its support of fast charging, you get connected back to your phone as quick as possible if you eventually get knocked out (due to a low battery or dead one actually) .

Features of its upgraded S-pen Stylus:

The S-pen looks beautiful...

Its also an awesome tool too...

With the way Samsung has leveled up the S-pen.

The S-pen is now Bluetooth integrated, which means you now have more capable S-pen.

With the S-pen, you now get the ability to control your camera, play music etc.

With each click on the pen it has been designed (which is editable) to perform some functions, like one click will open camera app, double clicking do something else and so on and so forth.

And you can customize it according to your taste.


What else is needed to be said?

This smartphone kills it.....

You get every features you wanted...

From the SoC to the GPU, Camera to Storage, you've been covered (even more then you could ask for).

To me, this smartphone is getting a thumbs up. 

What do you think?

Tell me your opinion in the comment section.

Image Credit: YouTube,

Specs credit: YouTube / Gsmarena

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  1. I've never used this phone before but the features highlighted here is alluring. I think from your write up anyone will like to have but for the challenge of budget. The price of the spec will determine if people will be able to go for it or not because there are several smartphones that are affordable. Personally, from your description, it's worth having but the cost will determine if people will opt for it or not. Hope to read more smartphone reviews here next time.

    1. Yeah, your expression is right..

      Its really expensive...

      That's why am compiling list for midrange smartphonesbarrack that are less expensive...

      Thou its expensive, people still like knowing about Samsung's product...

      Thanks for your contribution shalom


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