Facebook Announced Upcoming Tools To Help Manage Your Time On Facebook and Instagram (Updated)

* New tool to save users from wasting much of there time on facebook and instagram (unintentionally)

* You will be able to manage your time on facebook and Instagram with an activity dashboard, daily remainder and ability to limit  notifications. 

I have been recently notified by facebook (possibly you too), that they would be reducing the amount of notifications I will be receiving.

Don't know the reason why.... 

But now am guessing  it's part of their plan to reduce what hook me online. 

Great news for like minds, you now have extra tool to safe you from wasting your precious time on both  facebook and instagram

In a blog post, Ameet Ranadive, Product Management Director at Instagram, and David Ginsberg, Director of Research at Facebook, announced the new tool.

And Had analysed the next tool which entails:

1. An activity dashboard

2. A daily reminder and;

3. A new way to limit notifications.

This tool was developed with hands of mental health experts and organisations, including academics coupled with facebook's personal intelligence on deck. 

How sweet will this be?,  a real  life notification popping up to remind you that are going too far with your time on facebook?

While that was rhetorical, I would leave that for you to answer and move on. 

How To Set It Up

Although have not been chanced to update my facebook  app, I would have love to go through this exercise with you.

(Update: The tools will soon roll out and have not yet rolled out)

However, you cant lose it all as I will be sharing with you the guide released by Facebook Inc.:

To access the tools, go to the settings page on either app (I.e Facebook or Instagram) On Instagram tap “Your Activity,” and on Facebook, tap “Your Time on Facebook.” At the top, you’ll see a dashboard showing your average time for that app on that device. Tap any bar to see your total time for that day. Below the dashboard, you can set a daily reminder to give yourself an alert when you’ve reached the amount of time you want to spend on that app for that day. You can change or cancel the reminder at any time. You can also tap on “Notification Settings” to quickly access the new “Mute Push Notifications” setting. This will limit your Facebook or Instagram notifications for a period of time when you need to focus. - Facebook  


Facebook have been trying to make it's platform more modest and safe.
With this new tool I think it has actually made a landmark achievement  to making it's platform modest.

But what can just a pop-up notification achieve.

You can just close it. 

And for the reminder,  you can just off or snooze (if available) it.

Which make me turn to you, what do you feel about this new tool from facebook?



Not going anywhere? 

Lets know down below in the comment section. 

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