9th Version of Android OS (Android P) Launching Soon? (What To Know)

* The new Android Operating System (9.0) Google has been testing could be set for launching.

Android P, the coming successor of Android Oreo, could get launch soon - leaks.

When will Android P get launched?, What is Android P?, What's the Name of Android P?

You can get them in here....

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* Intro / What is Android P?

* When Is It Getting Launched?

* What Is Android P coming with?

* Conclusion


Android P, the latest upcoming Android Operating System version for android users.

This will be the successor of the Android Oreo (8.0 or 8.1), and as expected is gonna be the 9th version of Android Operating System.

Although it has not been fully released yet (which of course Is what am to talk about), Google have carried out some test on it.

Test which include launching beta (testing version) version of it for beta testers to test it out, send feedback, and developers could check what's up for them.

And the last beta update was released some days ago.

Talking about the name...

Don't think 'Android P' is the name...

The 'P' is an acronym for the name, for example the Android Oreo (8.0) could be shortened to Android 'O'.

Regarding the name, google has kept this away from people, it has not released the name yet.

Yes, you might have been hearing of Android Popsicle, Pumpkin, pie, pumkin pie but  that's not the official name for Android P, they are rumour (guesses).

To get that we might need to wait till August 20th (possibly) for the launching.

So  I hope you are familiar with Android P. now.

When Is Android P. Getting Launched ?

Well for the launch date of Android P.

There have been high expectation that its gonna be this month, August, and on the 20th to be precise - a leak from @EVleaks (a popularly known leaker)

This is also similar to the month Android Oreo (8.0) was launched last year.

While that is not yet confirmed, I huge you not to be too dependent on this as even election dates do shift.

Well I think there is nothing much to lose if it's not correct.

What Is Android P. Coming With?

Are you concerned with the features Android P. is coming with?

Then let get into it...

Note: These are features available in the beta version (testing version) which can be modified by google before launching the stable version (public version).

The upcoming Android OS could be a little complex but still simple, IPhone-like (as to its minimizing interface, its very iPhone like)

Some shortcut settings in the notification bar aren't available anymore.

Don't get me wrong, those are just part of the cons,  there are actually fulfilling and handy features too.

Features Like:

• Simultaneous connection of up to 5 Bluetooth audio devices.

Zoom lens for text selection: 

When highlighting some words, there will be zoom lens at the top showing you in bigger fonts, the words you are highlighting.

Quick Temporary Screen Rotation:

This is a handy tool from Android P.

When you rotate your screen for a particular moment to landscape without turning on the rotation settings.

It automatically show a rotating icon by  the sides of home and minimizing buttons or keys on your phone screen, which you can toggle to landscape.

And that does not change or modify your screen rotation settings but just for that moment alone.

Selecting Text in The App Switcher Interface:

Previously while we switch to the App switcher mode (by tapping the square button to show our recently used app) we need to be on an app to select text from it.

But on Android P., you can select text right from that screen.

To get more upcoming features of the Android P., you can check it out from Google or Android Police


The upcoming update, Android P., thou might have a copied feature from Apple, have new features that makes you understand Android better.

It distinctly shows the power of Android OS.

Customizable features...

New tools to play with and many other new tools that waits to be explored.

Over to you....

What do you have to say about this OS?....

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