WhatsApp Testing Features To Curb Spamming (Suspicious Link Detection)

The time has come to give spammers (and their likes a though time).

As WhatsApp (an instant messaging app with more than 1 billion downloads), steps up its fight against spamming. 

WhatsApp has now started testing a feature to determine suspicion links, which is known as Suspicion Link Detection

This feature would serve the function of limiting spams (if it cant totally eradicate it from its platform).

Awesome? Or Nightmare?

Of course it should be an awesome info.

This new feature as per the report from wabetainfo, would help you detect any suspicious link that was  sent to you or those that you had sent out to relatives or friends.

Once a link is sent to you, WhatsApp will scan and analyze the link so as to know if its real or will re-direct to another (alternative) website (suspicious).

The feature is not yet out to anyone, even the beta testers (those who volunteer to test an app before it is launched for the public), because it is still under development.

Whether you need to update your WhatsApp application when it arrives or not, isn't confirmed yet.

Before this arrives, we will have no choice but to wait.

Last Words:

This is a welcoming improvement for WhatsApp.

In the coming days, WhatsApp is more likely to have no rival as to the features it has.

But with the controversies/rumour that WhatsApp could start selling ads.

The security assurance might vanish which might reduce it's user base significantly.

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