WhatsApp New Feature: Forwarding Message Further Hunted

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WhatsApp is getting stricter on forwarding message habit.

If you could remember that WhatsApp recently made an update by adding a feature that helps users recognize a forwarded message.

WhatsApp as now announced the launching of a test which will make forwarding message to large amount of people more tense and hard  to do.

While forwarding of message as from the test, will be restricted to 5 users at most in India, "the amount for the rest of the world would be 20" - according to mashable.

WhatsApp claims which we (you and I) cannot deny, that WhatsApp app is a private messaging app, that makes it a simple, safe and significantly reliable way which you likewise I use to get in contact with our friends and family.

This fact jolt WhatsApp to make it more relevant and un-diverged from it's primary purpose through launching of features to make it stable.

How Will This Be Applied

When you have forward a message to (at most) 20 people (following mashable report) the "quick forward" shortcut button beside the message will be removed by the app.

Why Is WhatsApp Restricting Forwarding Feature?

WhatsApp quest for making it more tense to forward message was jolted by the spread of a rumour of child abduction in India leading to lynching of people.

With this, WhatsApp stood to it's responsibility to make it's platform safe and secure.


WhatsApp reducing users ability to forward message to higher number of people all at once could prove a hard time for some.

Just like me, people who needs to forward messages to high number of people could really get frustrated.

But this app is not about one person or group, it's about everyone.

We need to learn to sacrifice just to keep the balance and peaceful scene on the platform but seriously this gonna take some time to be familiar with...

Or what do you think?...

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