WhatsApp Group Admin Can Now Restrict You (Member) From Sending Messages - Check How

For some few weeks or months now, WhatsApp have been adding new (interesting) features to its platform, some which fortifies group admin (which in turn makes them more active) to those that helps group members in general...

But on top all, WhatsApp have released a new feature on to its platform specifically for group admins ( increasing Power  of whatsapp group admin ), which I think is a turning point.....

This tool will allow group admins restrict or cut down the number of people that send message unto a group...

Thanks to this, there would be no need for How To Stop Posting in Whatsapp group (possibly by scammers)..

But how do you do this?, How many people can post in a group?, this or that...

Questions like this and similar would have been ringing in your head (just like when I first got this info) right now.

So let the intro begin.....

I will be taking you through these on the WhatsApp new feature updates:

  1. How To Be Eligible
  2. How You Can Set It Up

How To Be Eligible For WhatsApp Send Message Feature

Getting eligible is easy...

Just follow this one single step:

Update your phone's WhatsApp to version 2.18.201 (from play store).

Doesn't work?

You can consider un-installing and reinstalling a new WhatsApp from the play store - but consider backing up your chats before forging further.

Which will automatically make it come with the latest version to get the whatsapp send message feature

Note: The roll out of this app seems to be slow on Android - so don't panic if you didn't get now so, you can try again.

How You Can Set It Up

After updating, then:

1. Go to your WhatsApp group and open the Group info (by clicking at the top where the names are shown).

2. Scroll down and choose Group settings.

3. At the next stage click on send message and choose whether you want every member to post or just admins.

When you changed the permission, every other member of the group will be notified of your changes.

Since you have decided to choose "only admin", whatsapp will now hide the chat text input bar from every other members app.

What Do You Think

Let's talk about this together...

What do you think?..

Because I think this is really cool and useful (thou, it have not reached its momentum compared to that of facebook)...

Just think about those mornings when you were greeted with high number of messages in a group which you managed (seriously could be frustrating some times)

Or if you are the group admin of that group where you take them tutorial on educational topics or just professional courses, this could suit your need.

In my own view, I see whatsapp getting better and more secured than before.

Share your view in the comment section below...

I value your view...

 What do you think?.

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