Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Rumoured Specs, Color Variant

Rumoured Specs, Color Variant,
Credit: Hi-Tech.Mail

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (successor of Note 8) which have been scheduled to launch on August 9th of this year have seen lots of leaks even up till weeks before the actual launch date.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which has been rumoured to have almost the same appearance with the (predecessor) Note 8, would have slimmer bezels than Note 8 and rearrangement of the camera and finger print sensor at the back.

So let's go into the available leaks on the Samsung Note 9.

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Variant Colours To be Expected

According to the render which was revealed in 5 different color by Hi-Tech.Mail (which I got via techradar)

Shows that it's likely to come up with, blue, copper, silver, violet and black colour.

Credit: Hi-Tech.Mail

And truly as techradar have suggested, these might not be the final color of the Samsung Note 9.

As more colors might be introduced (or some removed) during the actual launching on August 9th in New York.

Rumoured Specs Of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The rumoured design of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might not be substantially different from Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

But talking about some other components of the device.

It's obvious that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 beats Note 8.

As from gadgets 360 the spec goes as follows:


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leaks revealed that it could features 6.4" QHD+ Super AMOLED infinity display.

The smartphone is also expected to come with 18.5:9 aspect ratio just like its predecessor (Note 8).


The smartphone expected to boast of RAM close to 8GB.

With this, the smartphone have got the ability to deliver scratch free multi-tasking experience.

Some people might not even experience any hang or long time loading.


With a whooping sum of upto 512GB expected to be the internal storage size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

I do not think there would be any need for an external SD Card.


Just like one would have expected, the smartphone is likely to embed a dual lens camera at it's rear.

But how much pixels or aperture it's gonna feature, is still a rhetorical question.


And also, speaking on the System on Chip, Samsung is gonna use it's own Exynos SoC.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might not be launched and it's Specs might not be confirmed or true.
But from the source where these are gotten makes it significantly reliable to expect those specs provided in this posts from it.

And this Smartphone here, is already rocking the ground even before it's arrival and people are looking forward to it.

But will this phone actually meets people's expectations?

Will there be new innovation its gonna bring?.

What do you think?

Because for me, I don't think its gonna perfectly fit in to many people's desire...

But let's hear your view in the comment box.

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