Infinix Smart 2 VS Infinix Smart 2 Pro: Specs, Review and Price.


Infinix has launched another smartphone in the infinix's Smart series.

These smartphones were launched this year

So to the main issue, what makes the difference between them and what features do they both gat?

Your answer is right below:

Similarities Between Infinix Smart 2 and Smart 2 Pro

Infinix Smart 2 Vs Infinix Smart 2 Pro: Display

Size: Talking about the size both Infinix Smart 2 and Smart 2 pro boast of been 5.5 inches tall while they both also rock the popular 18:9 aspect ratio.

Resolution: Rocking 1440 x 720 pixels, Infinix Smart 2 and Infinix Smart 2 pro promised a better viewing experience with good image display.

Infinix Smart 2 Vs Infinix Smart 2 Pro: Operating System (OS): 

We all know the basic rule, for smartphone manufacturers like this, Android is their "die with" OS software.

These two smartphones from a company which holds the controversial "Most popular smartphone brand" in Africa, features Android latest OS (8.1) - Android Oreo (Go Edition). Which means you've got the latest security update on both device.

Infinix Smart 2 Vs Infinix Smart 2 Pro: Processor

1.5GHz Quad-Core MediaTek
Under the hood, both smartphones rocks a Quad Core MediaTek Chipset MT6739 which clocks at 1.5GHz (significant processing speed expected)

The two smartphones features the ROM housing 16Gb of space for you.

Note: There might be some variant of these phones, where  the ROM has 32Gb. Its possible but am listing the one that have got more info.

Infinix Smart 2 Vs Infinix Smart 2 Pro: Sensor

Fingerprint: Yes

Faceunlock: Yes

FingerPrint: The popular fingerprint feature of the latest infinix phones also gat its way in.

And fortunately both phones features it.

But for Infinix Smart 2, have got info that its only available for its 2Gb variant (not sure how true that is.)

Face unlock: And yes, infinix also rocks these new smartphones by embedding a new technology from the smartphone world, Faceunlock, into these new smartphones, for you (possibly).

And once again they both features it.

Credit: Jumia
Pixels: 8MP + Led Flash

The two smartphones vary with the camera specs on the rear camera but have similar features on the front camera.

And talking about the front camera you would see one camera lens with the usual size.

The camera lens got 8MP for both smartphone with Led flash and support for Low Light Selfie.


Network: 2G, 3G, 4G

As you can see they both boast of having 4G capacity (which is rear), giving faster page loading than a significant percentage of smartphones in Nigeria.

With this you've just got special.


Battery Power: 3050mAh

They got the battery juice.

As you can see, both phone features battery with juice (my term) of 3050mAh...

How far dose it go?...

It depends on you....

Differences Between Infinix Smart 2 and Infinix Smart 2 Pro

So what set these devices apart, what actually makes seniority and show the differences.

Below are the lists of features that Makes Infinix Smart 2 Pro, a Pro.


Infinix Smart 2: 1/2Gb

Infinix Smart 2 Pro: 3Gb

With this Infinix Smart 2 pro you've got more multi tasking abilities and capabilities than the other.

So if you would like to use photo editor with facebook, and games and you want better experience?.

You will want to go for Infinix Smart 2 Pro.


Infinix Smart 2: Single 13MP rear camera.

Infinix Smart 2 Pro: Dual 13MP + 2MP rear camera.

Are you interested in capturing one single photo from different perspective?.

Well you have got no other choice than to go for the best in here, Infinix Smart 2 Pro.


Infinix Smart 2: This is expected to cost around #35, 000 - #40, 000 (depending on your area)

Infinix Smart 2 pro: Is to cost around: #45,000 - #50,000.


Although both phone have good and quality specs ranging from there battery to Screen size to resolution and so on and so forth.

But it has been established right in the post that if you want the best multi tasking experience (I.e to run many application at once).

And if you want more on camera qualities, you would want to go for the dual lens camera phone, which is Infinix Smart 2 pro.

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