Infinix Note 5: Key Specs And Advantage of Its Special Operating System

Credit: Infinix
Infinix Launches another phone and this time, it decided to power the phone with Google's Android One Operating System.

Having written on android one OS, I decided to write on the advantages people with this device could exploit from this device, Infinix Note 5.

With this operating system, infinix has differentiate between it (Infinix Note 5) and other smartphone using another Google's OS.

Of course we can't go on without introducing the specs of this hyped smartphone.

But also I wont talk much on the specs, rather I would just list the key specs of the phone with brief explanation.

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Key features Of Infinix Note 5:

Design Of Infinix Note 5

Yoruba talk say, "Oju Lomo oun to yo nu" meaning, "It is eye that knows what satisfy the stomach"

* From the front view you've got the slim-bezel screen which in turn gives greater viewing area.

* From the back view you've got the Fingerprint scanner, camera and flash.

Camera of Infinix Note 5

* Got an AI (Artificial Intelligence) camera: This will help/train your camera to capture pictures with the best setting possible, (something Google pixel 2 is enjoying).

* 12MP rear camera and an aperture of f/2.0; the pixel is average good compared with the latest smartphones released and the aperture is also a welcomed.

* 16MP Low-light AI Selfie Font Camera with same f/2.0 aperture.

Hardware and Software of Infinix Note 5

* Processor: Features an Octa-core chipset from MediaTek, Media Tek Helio P23 which clocks at 2.0GHz.

* RAM: 3GB

* ROM: 32G free storage with optional SD Card slot of upto 128G.

* OS: Android One.

Battery of Infinix Note 5

* Features a whooping 4500 MAh non-removeable Li-po battery.
* It got a fast charging features too.

So back to the main discussion.

What Do You Gain From Infinix Note 5 Been Powered By Android One.

1. Battery Saving

Apart from the fact that your phone have great batteries or have fast charging features, this Operating system also help reducing the amount power been sapped from your battery's juice.

It uses two methods to save your battery power.

2. High Space

With this Operating Systems you got the chance to buy phones with small app pre-installed into the phone thereby giving you more space.

Photo Storage

With this Operating System, you also get free high-quality photo storage from Google Photos.

Security Update

With this Operating System you get security update within 2  years after the launch of the phone, from Google and not the manufacturer of your device.

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For people that fancy space, battery, this Operating System really serves you well.

You get less pre-installed bloatware apps.

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  1. Is there a way of saving pictures taken by the default camera on sd card, because Android one os and infinix note 5 stylus doesn't support the feature

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