Huawei Planning To Surpass Samsung In The Launch Of A Foldable Smartphone

* The battle to be the first "foldable smartphone" launcher is on.

* Samsung and Huawei, Planning to launch a foldable smartphone next year.


Who will go first?

Huawei foldable smartphone, Smartphone
Foldable Smartphone,

Samsung's foldable smartphone which is expected to be launched early next year is given an hype.

Although Huawei was known to pursue the same kind of phone but was not really gaining media's attention.

But all of a sudden, Huawei got the media attention...

Huawei according to analyst is planning to hold the medal for launching the "first ever foldable smartphone" (even if it's not gonna be perfect)

Huawei, the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world really wants to scoop away the honor of "First foldable smartphone manufacturer" from Samsung, a big rival.

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Reiterating, according to analysts, Huawei's ultimate goal is to surpass Samsung on launching a "foldable smartphone"

What To Get In Details:

1. What the Smartphone Is Likely To Contain.

2. How Many Unit Will Hit The Market?

What the Smartphone Is Likely To Contain

According to the report from Assia Nikkei, the smartphone special feature which relates to its kind (flexibility) is the Flexible Organic Lighting-Emitting Diode display.

It seems as if Huawei is sourcing for this OLED display from BOE Technology Group, another China based tech company.

How Many Unit Will Hit The Market?

According to the unconfirmed report, there would be low volume of this device dashed out to the
market, which at most would be 30,000 units.

Further more, it would be targeted to small group of first wave adopters.


Huawei's decision and plan to be the first to launch this smartphone coupled with the fact that they partner with BOE Technology Group, also in China, signals China's ambition to demonstrate its home base technology to lead the industry.

Now that Huawei is committed to surpass Samsung to launch a foldable smartphone.

There would be lots of rush in the making of this device.

But will Samsung also sleep in this course?

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