How You Can Go Incognito On Youtube On Android (2018)

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Are you afraid of how much personal info of yours is getting across to google via YouTube?.

It could be really frustrating sometimes that you are not fully alone in your private life, and that people are still watching you.

If you are paranoid on this...

Let's break the jinx right now for youtube, be safe.

 Google can't store you history

How To Go Incognito On Youtube

Before you can go Incognito on Youtube, you need to ensure that you are using the latest YouTube application for android.

Updating Or Downloading Latest Youtube Application

1. Go to Google Play Store

2. Search for "YouTube"

3. Click Install / Download (as the case may be)

After ensuring that you are having the latest app.

Let's move on:

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Going Incognito on Youtube

1. Open your YouTube application.

2. Click on the avatar icon at the top right corner of your phone.
incognito mode, youtube incognito mode

3. After that click on "Turn on incognito"

And that's it you are in incognito mode.

Note: YouTube still warns that your Internet Service Providers or your employer (if you have one) can still see your activities.

What You Can't Do While In Incognito

For going Incognito, you will have to pay some price.

And let go off some interesting and cool features like:

1. Saving video

2. Marking video as not interested

3. Sharing Video

4. Add to playlist or watch later.

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Thanks to youtube for giving us the opportunity to go incognito.

Hope Facebook, Twitter and others follow suite...

While am still on the matter.

You going Incognito is simply synonymous as you login out of your account, because everytime I tried doing normal stuff (like I do while I was off incognito) it usually ask me to sign in.

Want to know how to go incognito on youtube?, or How you can stay safe on youtube?

This is for you.

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