Facebook And Instagram Gets Stricter On User's Age

Facebook and Instagram has approved their moderators (or "reviewers" as you like) to proactively lock accounts of users suspected to be under age (below age 13).

Want to know why Facebook start locking under aged users account?.

This post have it covered.

Although it is in the company's (Facebook) policy that children  under  the age of 13 are not  allowed to own anaccount on Facebook, but the company have "weakly" implemented this policy.

Right before now, moderators (or reviewers) are to punish/lock account of users under age only when they were reported for it (been under age) but shouldn't if otherwise.

For example, if a user is reported for posting content that threatens another's safety (which is against Facebook policy), moderators are not to punish/lock his/her account for age reason even if she appears to be under age, but to only prosecute him/her for the offence the account was reported for.

But everything seems to have changed.

Facebook have realised or should I say have been forced to take a step to curb under aged account.

Why Is Facebook Locking Under Age Account Now?

One can wonder, why now?

After so many years?....

I don't think it's possible for Facebook to willingly do this considering the fact that by getting stricter with it:

1. Their revenue would decrease due to the fact that it is based on ads shown to users.

2. There position as the number 1 social media channel could be affected.

But speculations persist on the possible reason why it just happened now.

There were reports that Facebook took to this decision after "an undercover documentary report from UK's Channel 4 and Firecrest Films that saw a journalist become a Facebook content reviewer through a third-party firm called CPL Resources in Dublin, Ireland. A reviewer there claims they were instructed to ignore users who appeared under 13, saying “We have to have an admission that the person is underage. If not, we just like pretend that we are blind and that we don’t know what underage looks like.”

So now you would understand that Facebook was pressured to take on this because this documentary had happened..

This does not mean that Facebook is going to start hunting for under age accounts.

This is just a modification of how Facebook and Instagram moderators are going to be working from now on.

Part of the report from the documentary also alleged that Facebook "protects pages of far-right activists from deletion despite their owners engaging in behavior that warranted moderation, a documentary says." - get more here


To be frank, Facebook was not ready to be this strict with it's "policy application" against under aged accounts.

Judging by what the reviewer from the documentary revealed.

What do you think about this?

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Will this speak well for Facebook?.

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