Could This Be The Samsung Galaxy Watch? (Let's Find Out)

Is this the upcoming Samsung smartwatch leaks have been talking about?

Major info below for you, and have also got some questions for you in the conclusion part, try and tell me your opinion on it.


After leaks of there upcoming  smartphone - the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, a smartphone that is really Hyped by lots of people.

Another Samsung Electronic's device (smartwatch) have experienced another leak.

This time it's not from an outsider, its within territory of the company's website.

The upcoming Samsung  smartwatch which was (probably mistakenly) revealed on the company's US website and was cited by @sugabeticme (Twitter username) which she tipped to a CNET writter.

Before the picture was later taken down from the website.

One can deduce from the picture, the Name of the device.

And it's obvious that Samsung (could) have decided to change the regular habit of it's smartwatch name consisting of "Gear".

But this time decided to give it a name closer to it's smartphone series (Samsung Galaxy).

The name as depicted by the picture as "Galaxy Watch" which could then be called "Samsung Galaxy Watch Rose Gold" cus it is in Rose Gold model.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Price

The price was not equally added with the watch so we just have to wait for it.


When will this smartwatch be launched or soon?

Or it may be launched along side Galaxy Note 9 on August 9th?

Is this  the Samsung Galaxy Watch that Samsung is gonna use to rival Apple's watch?

Tell me if it can really succeed in the comment box.

Let me know your view.....

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