Check Out: Xiaomi's Smartwatch With 30 Hours Standby Time + 4G and GPS Enabled

The Smartwatch features a 1.41" screen size.

It got pretty long lasting battery which last for 30 hours (possibly on stand by mode) according to the company (xiaomi)
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The Mi Bunny Watch 3 comes with interesting features which makes it's safer for kids.

With the GPS and 4G kids gets more accessible and trackable.

While the GPS serves as tool which will enable parents track their children's location, 4G connection means its gonna enable children makes calls.

(Although these are just speculations and not from the company but that's what they (4G and GPS) could all be there for)

Xiaomi MI Bunny Watch 3 - SCREEN

Let's quickly check the screen.

The Smartwatch got a 2.5D gorilla glass.

It also features the popular screen display technology (AMOLED) screen.

Comes with a 1.41" display screen, which is not up to  to two-third size of the new  screen size for smartphones (6"+).

The Smartwatch also features 320 x 360 resolution display.

Xiaomi MI Bunny Watch 3 - Physical Display

The company's watch got strap which is 140 - 220mm long.

The strap colour comes in blue and pink variant color.

Credit: Gizmochina

Xiaomi MI Bunny Watch 3 - Camera

Yeah, it's got it too....

It comes with a 2 megapixel camera lens on board.

Xiaomi MI Bunny Watch 3 - Battery

And lastly before I go, the battery.

The battery got some juice stocked inside.

And it can be juiced (used) for up to 30 hours according to the company's claim.

And another awesome fact is that it got only 50 minutes to get charged.


This smartwatch might be for kids but all the same could be useful for adults too.

The selling point in this watch are it's:

4G, which serves as signal that the kids can connect with the world.

GPS compatibility, which could help parents track their children's location in real time.

And the battery's one charge lifespan.

It's on for sale exclusively in China at price below $100.

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