7 Interesting Tricks and Tips For Getting Effective Google Search Result (2018)

Finding ways to make your google search more effective, less time consuming and awesome?.

Thank God you got this...

Google searching might be confusing and time consuming before actually getting what you want.

Sorry, it should be resolved soon....

In here you've got the tricks to get more effective search results....

When you got to google and wish to search for a phrase in a news or article, how do you go about it?

Owk. What if you want to search about Buhari and everything you want in the search result should be about the president of Nigeria and nothing else?

Without any further ado, I will be listing the 7 Interesting Google Tricks and Tips for effective search results in 2018.

Interesting Tips and Tricks For Effective Google Search In 2018

Getting Specific File Type:

Are you a student doing research on a topic?, or you are on your professional field (e.g be it medicine, engineering, etc) researching on some stuff?..

Sometimes just a mere article can't suffice for what we want...

My bro or sis(mummy or daddy), this is where this trick gets in the rescue boat to guide the missing sailor...

With this tricks you will be able get pdf files or Microsoft Word document files, which usually have much data than just a mere article...

Type the title or relevant keyword of the project you are working on and add : after it, thereafter add the file type (e.g pdf, doc, ppt) you want.


How to be great:pdf (  or doc).

A Google search tips and tricks.

Using The + and - sign.

As have hinted in the intro, this Google Search Tricks Minus and Plus, gives you the ability to exclude some certain details about some things and give you more info on what you really want.

For example:

I google searched for President Muhammad Buhari, with the plus (+) symbol.

Here: "Buhari +President Nigeria."

It will then bring details and headlines with Buhari (the president of Nigeria) as the main target in the search result and have something to do with only the president and none else.

Like wise the minus symbol, you can remove everything that has to do with the president in the search result.

Just change the + to - and nothing will appear about the president.

Just a "Nearby"

The rule for this Google Mobile Search Tricks (Google Search Tricks) is by adding 'Nearby' to a center you wish to search for.

Google search result will give you the closest center for that purpose.

For Example:

If I need a hospital but do not know of any in Oshogbo.

What I need to do is search:
"Hospitals Nearby"

and its going to give me (or you) the closest hospital.

 Using Quotation Mark (" ")

Using Quotation mark is one of the Google Search Tricks you can use to narrow down your search to exactly what you are searching (and nothing else).

What I meant was that, when you use quotation mark to search for a phrase / statement on google.

The search result is going to give you sites with contents / headlines that have the similar order of the words you are have searched for.

For Example:

If you searched for a statement like "we will build mexico border wall" or "3 Technologies Used In FIFA"

It shows only those sites that have the same headlines and content similar to those in the quotation mark.

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Search Within A Specific Website

Have you got a favorite website, where you like taking info?.

Then this interesting Google Search Trick is for you.

This will make the search result offer only contents from the site you specified.

For Example:

If you search for the new WhatsApp tool for Admin group and choose wetechshout.com, it will give you articles from this website (try it out)

Just type:

WhatsApp Admin Group site:wetechshout.com

Or if you are a WIKIPEDIA fan just like me, you can just do the same and find topics within Wikipedia.

Find Websites Similar To Another Website

So let say you are looking for website similar to another type of website (maybe because you want to switch loyalty from one company to another)
Just follow this rule:

Type related: then the website you are finding its competitor.

For Example:

Find other similar websites like google.
You will then type in the search bar:


Using intitle or inurl:

If you want to find a phrase or a word that in a post title.

Maybe you just remember a phrase out of the whole title and you want something similar to it. ooh yeah, you've got it.

Just type in
"allintitle:keyword (the word you want to search for"

For example:

I want to search for owner of tecno headline, I will just:

allintitle:owner of tecno

And the same also goes with the "inurl:" Trick, type the words you want to be in the URL after it.

Last Words:

So here they are, the 7 awesome tricks and tips for effective google search results.

They with no doubt are useful and recommendable for men that are time conscious and those that are seeking to use their tool to the outmost.

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