5 High Rated Educational Apps For Android in 2018

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Are you looking for apps that could fill in the space of a classroom or book?.

Well, you've got some here.

Whether you are a commercial student, an art's or science's.

Your share is here.....

Gone are those where you and I need to go to classroom to learn.

But nowadays, your class, book and even classmate are right on your hand.

Of course, your phone.....

There are tons of online platforms where you can learn and read books...

But in here, I didn't get the tons, but I gat the ones that stand out.

Have got for you, high rated education apps or you could say the top rated education apps out there.

Some of these apps are targeted to people with specific interest like coding app which is targeted only to those that are interested in programming.

But there are still those that mixes everything.

So here we go:

High Rated Educational Apps For Android 2018

1. Amazon Kindle:

amazon kindle, amazon kindle apk, amazon kindle update
Credit: Amazon
If you are quite interested in online shopping, you should be familiar with Amazon (or at least should have heard of them before).

Ohhh, Well yeah....

Amazon owns this product....

But not for a token...

Amazon will not charge you any token for this application.

The application is for free to download.

The con (loophole) am having with this application is that have not tested it out.

But why are you listing it, if you haven't tested or used it?..

If you ask or thought of this question, up here, you are right.

But don't forget that I could read about the app right on playstore, what I read about it and what expert have said about it made me to have nothing but give it (Amazon Kindle) its due respect.

Part of the amazing feature of this app, that would interest you are:

1. With this app, you've got millions of books (both free and paid ones).

Just, look at it as your library that needs your attention, lots of books to read and do research from.

2. This app features Up to thousands of free ebooks to read.

3.  Need the ivy book?, then go shop for it.

You can shop for ebooks on this app too including New York Times Best Sellers.

Amazing, right?

4. Stumbled upon a gigantic word?.

Relax and chill as you dey read, cus...

There is an In-built dictionary with this app, which you can use to check out the meaning of words.

These and many more makes this app a really big time hit on the education app line.

To download this amazon kindle app, you will need an amazon app store on your phone.
Which you can download here

Having problem doing that?.

Drop it in the comment.

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2. PhotoMath

PhotoMath Review, PhotoMath Apk,
Credit: Google Play Store

After reading this, some might people will download photomath last update (latest version - which I will drop after this app's info) right away.

The photomath review might get you like, waoh....

PhotoMath, as the name goes, deals with mathematics (the world most controversial subject - in my opinion).

This app, solves math equation.

One of this app feature that will give you a waoh is that, you can write an equation down on you paper, scan with PhotoMath and you are done, it solve math for you.

PhotoMath is really awesome and pleasing, apart from the fact that it scan to solve math equations.

It also shows step-by-step guidelines as to how it solve them.

Really amazing and awesome...

The app could solve many math calculations, from simple ones like arithmetics, integers to complex ones like derivatives and integrals.

To be sincere, this app really get me like, people dey work for this small world of ours ooh.

Already looking for the photomath, photomath google play store?. Get it here

What do you feel about it?...

Share your opinions in the comment section below.

3. Solo Learn

SoloLearn Apk, SoloLearn Update
Credit: Google Play Store

This actually isn't completely solo as its name implies, because you can connect with people.

Solo Learn is one of my favorite app because its all about coding and programming (CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Php etc.).

Have used, its awesome, and more awesome when you run codes written by experts.

Codes that turn to games and some which were about the ongoing word cup.

In fact,  I believe the design and UI (User Interface) would get many interested in programming or coding.

This all also features my list of 5 educational app because it gots many features such as:

1. It got some sections where you could choose which language to learn.

And it arranged the topics professionally (I.e you get to know some basics you need before moving on)

2. It got competition section, in this section, you can challenge people on the platform too.

This in turn gives you more moral to always get better and better at what you do. 

3. And also in this app, you can create a community at your area of expertise, create lesson for people to learn from you.

Which in turn make many who follow / join your community look upto you.

Wanna download it?, get SoloLearn google play store here

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4. Duolingo

Duolingo Apk, Duolingo new language
Credit: Google Play Store

This app have been highly rated in the aspect of teaching languages.

Are you clamouring to speak:
Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh and English?

And best with, Swahili and Romanian language that are just been added this year (new language in Duolingo?, here they are).

This app have got you covered.

This app was recommended by top class company, like:

The Wall Street Journal
Times Magazine
PC Magazine

TWSJ - said Duolingo, is the best language-learning app.

Didn't know which year that was said, but I know they were said.

Aside from reviews, what kind of bots and nuts are driving this app:

1. With this app you've got the chance to beef up your speaking and reading skills while playing a game or more (sounds fun?), seems like eating a cake and having it?

You learn new words everyday..

2. You've got the chance to advance by completing small lessons with shiny achievement..

3. Duolingo claims that 34 hours of this app are equivalent to a semester of university a level education.

Is this right?..... Don't ask me oooh..

But you can surely share your opinion in the comment box section below.

And if you mind getting it, click here

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy Apk, Khan Academy update
Credit: Google Play Store

This is really an academic....

The first time i head of Khan Academy's was back in 2007 (last year), when I finished a code course on code.org (a coding website).

This app gets features which even Amazon kindle, didn't have.

It offers lectures and tutorials in videos, which is known to be the best medium for assimilation.

It features thousands of educational videos covering both, art and commercial fields + science too.

You can also bookmark contents which are dear to you.

It also have offline access to keep you learning if when you get no data - you will save it with your data, thou.

Wanna get it, click here

Last Words:

These apps and many more give us chance to learn right in our home, on the bed and the list goes.

With Amazon kindle, you've got yourself into the word of books.

As Duolingo teaches you more languages, you are exposed to more opportunity, friends and connections.

Khan Academy makes it visual, giving you more with video tutorials.

PhotoMath, my dear, this app really wet my feet with amazement, really interesting.


SoloLearn, my co programming lovers, this is for you.

So here they are, the highly rated educational apps.

Makes sure to share your opinion using the comment box.

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