Yahoo Messenger Will Cease To Exist As From July17 (Details Inside)

Credit: wikipedia

One of the popular instant mesaging app, Yahoo messenger have got its living era numbered.

Oath (which owns yahoo) announced that by July 17, this service (yahoo messenger) will no longer be supported.

But before that time you can continue to use the service as usual.

As per the report, After July 17, you'll no longer be able to access your chats and the service will no longer work.

This might shock or surprise you if you are a die hard fan but really its happening.

So if this is gonna really hurt, take a big "SORRY DEAR" from me.

Why is Yahoo Messenger going away?

Are you asking? , Maybe you are part of the loyal fans they were talking about...


As per the announcement, Yahoo ( or synonymously OATH) acknowledged that they have many loyal fans using the app for a very long time - since 1998 to be specific.

If you are part of them, they've got an answer for you....
"As the communications landscape continues to change over, we're focusing on building and introducing new, exciting communications tools that better fit consumer needs." - Yahoo help
Although to me their reason was not crystally clear.

But I could deduce the reason could be because they could not generate significant active users anymore.

And also doubted if they could survive with the presence of Instant messaging apps like Facebook's messenger / WhatasApp, Wechat and others.

Next: Your Yahoo ID?

Don't be afraid, its not going anywhere.

The report has made it clear that your Yahoo ID is still going to work for other yahoo services like Yahoo Mail etc.

So there is no cause for alarm....

Want to know this service better?

Well you got it here, all the way from wikipedia:

Yahoo! Messenger (sometimes abbreviated Y!M) is an advertisement-supported instant messaging client and associated protocol provided by Yahoo!.

Yahoo Messenger is provided free of charge and can be downloaded and used with a generic "Yahoo ID" which also allows access to other Yahoo! services, such as Yahoo! Mail, where users can be automatically notified when they receive new email.

Yahoo! also offers PC-to-PC, PC-to-Phone and Phone-to-PC service, file transfers, webcam hosting, text messaging service, and chat rooms in various categories.

It was originally launched on March 9, 1998.

But the name it bears then was "Yahoo! Pager".

Last Words:
Since oath has announced to stop Yahoo Messenger service this further strengthen instant masaging Apps like WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger....

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