This Virus Can Hijack Your Computer (Be Informed)

Wide spread of viruses like trojan etc, have been threatening our computers' safety...

But with avast, smadav and many other anti-virus applications and programs.

The equation gets balanced (or else this hackers would have made us zombies)

But this virus (whose combination and complexity techniques have never been seen in the wild before) seems not to care and could bypass their check point...

What's with this virus?, where does it come from?, how do we escape?

These questions might be boiling in your head right now.


Let the intro begin.....

What Is This Virus?

The virus was detected by deepinstinct's deep learning cybersecurity solution.

The virus was detected in one of their client’s live environment and devices.

What's The Name of This Virus?

Upon my research the virus was named Mylobot (not after the name of the inventor, but after a researcher's pet dog).

Where Does This Virus Come From?

With the current information available, the origin and delivery method of the virus is still unknown.

So am pleading to both the ladies and gentlemen reading this to please becareful with those website you are visiting.

If this is the first time you are knowing this make sure not to forget:

"Some hackers do create website, inflict it with virus one way or the other (either through media, visiting or any other option), pay for traffic/advert to generate more people to the website, and when you enter or download a media clips, gbammm. You are locked"

What Makes Mylobot Invisible (or simply indestructible by anti-virus)?

Upon penetrating into your computer, the virus makes a 14 days sleep.

Why will it do that?

This will make any anti-virus installed on your device unaware of the fact that there is a threat living and breeding in your system.

Last Word:

What do we have hear....

Before you go, let me share some funny attribute of this virus...

When this virus starts affecting your system, it does one funny thing to have complete control over your system...

It scan for other virus and eliminate those virus.

What a virus.....

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