Samsung Foldable Smartphone: Possible Launch Date & Price

Image Representational Credit: Financial Times 
Samsung foldable smartphone likely to launch early next year - Financial Express..

How much will this cost?.......
Just follow me.....

The highly hyped foldable smartphone, have been predicted to be launched early next year - 2019, February to be specific.

The Samsung foldable smartphone could possibly be launched at Mobile World Congress in February 2019.

According to korea times Samsung have been predicted to be the first ever company to put a foldable smartphone in the market and as said before, likely to be next year.

What The Rumour Got About The Foldable Smartphone
  1. Expected Price
  2. Possible Production Start Date
  3. Expected Features
Plus similar phones that are related to it....

Possible Price

With every thoughts you can gather, can you guess how much it could cost?.....

Well I don't think you can ......

But this man did.....

This man - Kim Jang-yeol from Golden Bridge Investment, is reported (^Korea times) to have speculated the possible non-subsidized price of this historical and highly expected smartphone to be about $ 1, 850 (#666, 000) so if you are really hyping this gadget, you should expect a stretch of pocket.

Possible Production Start Date

In a post cited in Korea times, Park Hyung-woo, an analyst at Shinhan Financial according to the informations that are with him said

 "Parts affiliates and first-tier subcontractors will begin supplying parts to Samsung Electronics' handset division beginning in November, at the earliest, with the company assembling the phone aiming for a launch next year."
If this become true, it means Samsung will use at most 4 months to round up the production.

I hope it won't be a stressful work intellectually for the workers, talking from a lay man's view I think its gonna be strenuous / tense work for the staff.

Expected Features

From CNET, Golden Bridge says it will have a 7.3-inch OLED screen when open and 4.5 inches when folded.

Been unsatisfied with this alone, this push me to bring you more insightful description...

Park said,
"This new device is an interesting thing as it will have two inside panels and one outside panel with the two inside panels forming the 7.3-inch screen when the phone is unfolded"
You should also know that this smartphone is expected to fold completely without breaking or damaging any internal part in the phone's system...

Related Smatphones

Samsung is also in race with Huawei to be the first to launch a foldable  smartphone.

But Samsung seems to be ahead of Huawei in this competition.

And Samsung will get all glory if they could launch it before Huawei.

And on the folding aspect,  ZTE's AXON M

 also gets a similar feature.
This phone made by an unpopular smartphone maker brand, ZTE, boost dual screen.

The difference is that the phone's screens are connected with an hinge in the middle but in Samsung's foldable smartphone, it expected to be a single screen but a foldable one....

talking a bit about the phone:
It got a LCD display screen and not OLED / AMOLED...

It is quite tall with its 5.2" size.

It also accompanied the android version 7 operating system.

What makes this phone more interesting is its RAM and processors.

It has 4GB ram space coupled with a quad-core processor with none clocking at speed lesser than 1.5GHZ.

I don't think selfie takers will like this... Because.....

It got only a rear camera lens system with 20MP but have no front camera lens...

If I would talk, this will be the first phone have heard of to be short of a selfie camera lens...

It also get a manageable battery juice, of 3180 mAh....

Last Words:

While we await this highly expected smartphone from Samsung.

These details could help those who really look forward to this smartphone to plan it out.

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