Gionee A1 lite Vs Gionee M7 - Key Comparism

Gionee M7
Credit: Gsmarena

Gionee A1 lite
Credit: Gsmarena

Which is better?. A1 lite or M7..
Check it out.... 

Gionee A1 lite launched on June 2017 and Gionee M7 launched in September same year.

This is a comparism of both phones to know which really worth your money.

This comparism is made within the key specs of both device.


Gionee A1 lite Vs Gionee M7 - Camera

Starting with the camera, Gionee A1 lite features a single camera lens in its rear system, which boosts of 13MP capturing power.

Gionee M7, gets the ball on its side with dual rear camera lenses of 16MP and 8MP capturing power, this kill the show.

Going to the secondary / front camera system of each phone, stories seems to change.

Gionee A1 lite boost of a whole 20MP front camera lens twice that of Gionee M7 of 8MP.

The selfieirs (selfie addicts) how market with Gionee A1 lite^).

Gionee A1 lite Vs Gionee M7 - C.P.U

Moving next to the brain of your phone system.

What makes it process your task, how fast does it process your task... 

Its all embedded in the CPU - just like the computers CPU. 

The good thing is that both phone have significant similar capacity when talking of CPU.

Cus they both posses Octa-core processors.


Looking deep inside lies differences... 

Thou they both have the same amount of cores and material, the cores speed are different.

You should also check on this when deciding to get a phone for it's speed.

Looking deeper, i found out that:

Gionee A1 lite is fastened with 8 cores of 1.3GHz speed - i.e all the cores all speed at rate of 1.3GHz.

Gionee M7 come accompanying 4 Cores with speed of 2.3GHz and the other 4 Cores having 1.65GHz.

Judging from this, gionee M7 takes the lead again.

Gionee A1 lite Vs Gionee M7 - Storage

Talking about the storage. 

Gionee A1 lite is blessed with 3GB RAM size, bowing to that of Gionee M7 of 6GB RAM size, which is almost twice that of A1 lite.

Moving to the internal storage capacity.

A1 lite features 32GB internal storage as against a whooping 64Gb internal storage of Gionee M7.

Both supporting an external sdcard slot.

A1 lite supports an sdcard with up to 64GB.

M7 supports an sdcard with up to 256GB.

again M7 taking the lead.

Gionee A1 lite Vs Gionee M7 - Screen

Talking about the screen resolution and screen resolution.

A1 lite holds a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and an old phone ratio of 16:9.

It also come with a low 5.3" screen size.


M7 strongly boost of a bigger phone resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels with up-to-date phone ration of 18:9 giving you more viewing satisfaction than that of A1 lite.

Not forgetting that it also feature 6.01" screen size.

Gionee A1 lite Vs Gionee M7 - Battery

The table do turn around here....

A1 lite was built with high battery capacity of 4000mAh.

The battery is an inbuilt version - Non-removable.

And also it is an Li-ion battery which makes it rides ahead of M7 with details below:

M7 just like A1 lite also features a powerful 4000mAh battery power.

Also Non-removable.


M7 is a Li-po battery version.

Due to the fact that Li-ion battery is said to be much stronger that Li-po, A1 lite beats M7 in battery capacity.

Last Words:

With no doubt in mind, Gionee M7 beats Gionee A1 lite.

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