Facebook Hyped The Fight Against False News

Facebook's effort in fighting fake news have been elevated.

No doubt, there have been a lot of fake news been spread around on Facebook.

It may be from external link from some entertainment blogs or direct post published on facebook.

So facebook since a year and half ago have been committed to curbing fake news through the use of technology and human review.

How does this work?

When posts (or news stories) are flagged (possibly by users)

They will be reviewed by facebook's partners (fact-checkers).

They check the accuracy of the story.

When those posts have been reviewed and rated to be false.

The posts will be placed lower in the news feed (surprisingly will not be removed.) but people will be notified below the story why it or part of it are inaccurate.

But (interesting to me) pages that do share fake stories repeatedly will have their  distribution reduced, + they would be striped off the ability to monetise and advertise on facebook.

So What's New?

Now recently, facebook have made some updates on their journey.

See them below:

1. Facebook launched it's third-party fact-checking checking program last spring with its service running only in 14 countries.

But have planned to expand it to more countries before this year runs out (not really specific on  which country it will be).

2. Fake news/info just like any ordinary info do manifest differently across content types and countries.

So to curb the false news in any form, facebook as expanded its test to fact-check photos and videos to four countries.

Example is a video which was edited by some evil minded people to show what did not really happen or that which was actually taken out of fully detailed video clip.
Or photo from another tragedy which was in one way or the other linked with the wrong tragedy.

For example is linking a photo shot during war to another event that happen in an election (you got that?).

3. Facebook have also increased the impact of fact-checking by using  machine learning to identify duplicates of debunked stories.

For example if anyone have already posted a false story (e.g Mark Zuckerberg left facebook to manage twitter and yahoo) and have been debunked, then you are trying to say the same thing, then the tech do its thing (don't know actually, maybe you won't be able to post it or it just gonna delete it right immediately after it has been posted).

4. Facebook also took action by reducing the reach of those pages and domains which have been confirmed to spread false news.

Those pages' ability to monetize will also be removed.

Last Words:

After facing lots of critics on the issue of false news on facebook from different angle and corners of the world.

Facebook is now trying to curb evil of this act.

I think they still have more to do, having this program running in 14 countries currently is still low in my own view.

So if you are looking for facebook fake news task force or facebook fake news tool you might find this article helpful.

So what do you think?...

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