Android One: Another Google's OS Explained

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Apart from the popularly known trend of the Google's android Operating System (OS) like the latest Android version 8.0 (Oreo) or 7.0 (Nougat).

Which features many pre-installed applications, thereby consuming significant amount of space before its gets to the end user.

There is this other Operating System (OS), "Android One".

This operating system was launched in the year 2014 (4 years ago).

having minute / basic apps pre-installed, which in turn saves space for more things which the user of such device wish to use it for...

This OS have got pretty interesting features....
From the fact that it saves battery automatically when it appears to be unused to many others....

Details of features are listed below:

Saves Battery

Battery been one of the back bone of a smartphone, have become a task for manufacturers to provide quality and durable battery for use.

But its not only dawn on the hardware manufacturers alone but with software developers like google.

This android one was built by google to save guide your battery by:

1. Prioritizing Background Activity:

Background activities do affect your battery performance (save battery here if you are not on android one).
But on android one, background activities will only be allowed for important aplications.

So you need not worry about unimportant activities that will be sapping your battery.

2. Reduce Power Usage When In Pocket:

Android One also reduce power usage when it appears to be in your pocket or your purse.
Thou have not used an android one device before but I think the screen brightness will be part of the activities to be reduced.

High Storage:

As have already stated above in the intro.
This Operating System unlike some others comes with small, curated set of pre-loaded application, there by providing more space for many other things.
But with the addition that,
Android One also gives you automatic qualification to free high-quality photo  storage from Google Photos.

Last Words:

This Operating System, Android One was created by Google to provide consistent user experience and also made suitable for entry-level devices (like simple smartphones to do basic and necessary tasks).
And also on security, with android one, your device will stay secure with Google Play Protect for regular security updates and much more.

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