3 Technologies Used In FIFA 2018 World Cup: What You Need To Know

Is football independent?...

Football is said to be a game of love - yeah right, of course....

But football sometimes gets confusing, complex and could be beyond human capability to sustain fairness....


With the use of techs, my friend football becomes secured, simple and straightforward.

Come to think of it..

Those goals that will just be about milliseconds in the goal post behind the goal line before the keeper wake up to suddenly kick it out....

Those outrage from the shooter, and claims from the keeper side plus the confusion from the referee side......

To conclude if its a goal or not....

Just imaging a tool that could just play everything back for them all to see, or that which can detect within a second whether it's a goal or not.....

This really help simplifies football complexity....

Having realise this, FIFA have started using the following techs to aid fairness in football.....

You don't need rocket science to understand these, all you need is attention and simple englishes (English i mean)....

Follow me and let's roll.....

Goal Line Technology

Credit: Financial Tribune

As the name implies, GOAL LINE TECH..

Does that even need an explanation?....

Hmmmm.... Either no/yes, I am gonna give you some little insight and some interesting things to know about this tech....

Goal Line Tech, this tool detect the goal in second.....

Whether the ball is just a second inside the goal post before it is pushed out by the keeper or nodded out by players (more likely, the defenders), it (Goal Line Tech) detects the goal.

It helps referee and / lineman get over tough times in matches like those times when goals gets unclear...

In short and without mincing words, it helps to determine whether their is a goal or not.....


It is planted around the net at the back of the pole.

So one it detects the ball, it sends signal to the head referee.

Here are some tips on this tool

This tool have been in used (^wikipedia) in football ever since 2012, - so any match before that year is at their own ------.

Before it is used in any match it has to be tested in a test called "First Installation Test (FIT)" which will take place after installation of the tech tools on the stadium of the match.

Goal line tech is only used at high level football competition, of course like FIFA, because of it is expensive.

Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

Credit: FIFA

Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is an "assistant referee" (not physically on the field) but in a specific room (Video Operation Room) viewing things happening on the field from video recorded live with high quality cameras, that were set all accross/around the field.

Note: Video Assistant Referee are group of people that sits in the Video Operation Room to study things happening on the field.

VAR occasionally review decision made by the head referee when obvious mistakes in game changing situations (like penalty award, or red card issuing) are noticed.

For example, the head referee might award a red card to the wrong player, so Video Assistant Referee - VAR would interfere and call the head referee to notice the mistake.

But if the ref decided to confirm the situation, the "pictchside monitor" will come to the rescue.

The pitchside monitor which was introduced at the 2016 FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP would allow the referee to review the footage from the field.

So actually, in what conditions are VAR used?

Video Assistant Referee or VAR, when are they used?....

Well, let's find out......

1. First is at the moment of the match - i.e when there is a goal, and whether there were violations during the process.

The VAR can review the head referee's decision when there is controversy over a goal.

For example, when the scorer was at off side position before he shot the ball and head referee didn't notice, the VAR could call the attention of the head referee to it.

Another situation is when the goal is not actually a goal, the VAR can also review the head referee's decision.

Next is......

2. That tension building whistle ( i.e Award of Penalty ).

The VAR checks whether the foul which led to the call for penalty was done in or outside the penalty area and some other possible areas of mistakes.

3. Direct Red Card

The Video Assistant Referee comes into play during red card situations.

A foul might be committed while the referee didn't take notice.

But later when the ball is out, the referee might request for field review to know what really happens, and check it at the pitchside monitor on the field of play.

4. Mistaken Players Identity.

When punishing (with yellow or red cards) erring players for a foul, the referee might mistaken the erring player for another.

So in this situation.. VAR also interfere if they notice the error and also call the head referee to review is decision.

Electronic Performance & Tracking Systems

Credit: FIFA

This tech really help coaches relate well with the match.

It can help coach take the right decision on who to remove, how to re-strategise and so on.

Electronic Performance & Tracking Systems also known as (EPTS) are technologies used to monitor and improve player and team performance.

Electronic Performance & Tracking Systems is used to track the position of both player and the ball.

EPTS is also used with micro- electromechanical devices (don't run I will explain).

Starting with electromechanical, in line with the usage on the football field, these are devices (electric products) that uses mechanical movement (like running, jumping, flying etc.) to create electrical signals.

Hope you understand that now.

Like the speedometer which measures the speed of vehicle, it reads the mechanical movement of vehicle and convert it to electrical signals to give us the speed in understandable context.

And micro, which is a synonym for small.

So micro- electromechanical device are small devices that uses mechanical movement (like running, jumping, flying etc.) to create electrical signals.

Back to our discussion, we are saying that EPTS is also used with micro-electromechanical devices.

It ( Electronic Performance & Tracking Systems) is used with them (micro-electromechanical devices like accelerometer) to measure players performance on the field.

It helps coach to decide on which player is to come to rest, so it aid decision making in substitution.

It help the coach know how far the players are from each other, and in turn makes strategising easier.

If you have any question you can ask in the comment section.

Last Words:

Goal Line Tech (or Goal Line Technology), Video Assistant Referee (or VAR), Electronic Performance & Tracking Systems (or ETPS) are the techs been used by FIFA to make this competition fair and easy task.

Everything comes with a BUT.

What I mean is that, there will be some itches for using these techs.

For example when referee is about to take a decision and there was delay during the confirmation process, it puts everybody in suspension, and might also sip out the juice (spirit) of football in everyone.

So far so good......

We have no choice, they are in use already......

Enjoy the fever....


Sorry, I mean FIFA

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