Recover Deleted Files On Your Phone.

Note: This have not been tested for the files you have deleted before applying this method, but you can still check this out for future purposes.

So lets go.

Sometimes you would have mistakenly delete important file(s) on your phone and you will be like, "oh my God, how I can get this back?".
But your phone is not a desktop having a recycle bin to fall back to, so how will you do it?, is it ever possible?

Well, yeah, it is possible.

How about having a recycle bin feature on your phone, it will be cool right?, yeah that's what am gonna introduce you to today, a recycle bin on your phone.

How To Get The Recycle Bin Feature For Your Phone
  • Now, to the "dee deal", to get this recycle bin feature, we need to visit the play store.
  • Search for Es file explorer and download.
  • Now after downloading open the file explorer.
  • Click the three straight lines at the top left corner of the app. 
  • Scroll down to the recycle bin option, and enable it by toggling it on.
  • And viola, you safe, everything you delete now will be backed up in the recycle bin.

Ps: This application can't store files you delete from your Sd Card (Memory Card) so don't try it with files from your sd care. 

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